Premium fuels and Lubricant Products

Caltex Fuel Products
We stock a range of Caltex fuels designed to get the maximum fuel efficiency
for your vehicles & machinery
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Caltex Vortex Premium Fuel Benefits Desk
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TecD Performance Diesel Additives are high end products maximising efficiency and reliability for large scale machinery.
Caltex ActiveTecD cleans performance robbing deposits from critical parts of the engine. Its advanced formulation helps to restore and maintain the cleanliness of fuel system.
Caltex PowerTecD combines the benefits of ActiveTecD with filtration to deliver a more advanced performance diesel fuel to Australian customers.
These high end products add efficiency to large heavy equipment used in mining and earthworks.
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Caltex Oils and Lubricants

Our full range of oils, lubricants, and greases will keep your vehicles and machinery in top condition.


In a range of sizes from 1lt to 1000lt  we can offer a product to suit your needs and budget.

Contact us to discuss the best options for your gear.

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